Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Joe, from Tottenham Green, Taghmon, sings four songs from his CD "All the roadside stops" here-

Joe can be seen entertaining in his pub called "THE LUCKY LEPRACHAUN" which he runs with his son Mark in Tenerife.


  1. Joe Monaghan - A great man who's personality and music will be missed. R.I.P Joe 24/12/12

  2. Cheerio Joe,
    Just as I was getting to know you - you took off - met you a few times in Mary's bar. Loved your singing and music and Jimmy Murphy says he can't that you are not still around.
    Keep on singing,
    Mary-Ellen McClure (nee Monaghan).

  3. Joe and Mark's talent is brilliant, a talent that is rare today, such joy the Monaghans bring to any social gathering, we have all enjoyed your music - and your CD will be played for many years