Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Musical recollections from the late Breda Lewis, Furbo Co.Galway, Crusheen, Co. Clare and Castleboro, Co. Wexford.

This is an extract from the documentary film "A Tribute to Breda Lewis" by Margaretta D'arcy and Finn Arden which was shown at The Portobello Film Festival, London, last Autumn.

Breda Lewis from paddy joyce on Vimeo.


  1. Dream on my Dreams
    Dream on my dreams, of visions grand, that life be not so bleak
    to put my thoughts on pleasant land and harmony to seek.
    To forget life's woes and all the hurt and peace contentment find
    to come to terms with tragedy and ease my state of mind.

    To leave the past and live for now so forget what one did lose
    at realize that simple things can delight and amuse.
    To forgive all those that did one wrong, though they did intrude
    to tread along the healing path of strength and fortitude.

    To walk this land with head held high and not to be downcast
    to be at one, with the world and joy to come at last.
    To forget past tribulations no more to be in pain
    nor dwell on ones malfunctions and no more to complain.

    This is my dream I share with you and thus my soul I bare
    I open up my inner-thoughts to ever whom may care.
    If not for you I would not have any dreams at all
    and with such a dream I soldier on mindful lest I should fall.

    Dedicated to my dear friend and mentor Breda Lewis

    (c) All rights reservered

  2. Beautiful poem, Mick. Breda will love it. I hope you have health and hapiness. Glad to come across your name again after all these years! Feargal

  3. Nice to hear from you Fergal,if you wished to contact me you may do so via the link.

  4. I hadn't seen breda in years, and I still miss her now I can't. Hope she likes the new music I'm making.